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Orthodontics at Barbara Castle Practice


Would you like to know how you can benefit from  orthodontic treatment (braces or aligners)?

​Just upload a few photos of your teeth and get your dental report without leaving your home!

1. All assessment – photos and x-rays need to have been done 2 weeks prior to the fitting of the braces.  
2. Initial brief assessment to see if a patient is suitable is free but visit for photos and x-rays cost £150, this comes of the cost of the entire treatment.  
3. 30% of treatment value must be paid before the appointment is booked for fitting of the brace.  

1. The 15% discount applies to the initial orthodontic treatment cost only, it excludes the cost of retainers.  
2. Free teeth whitening is still included at the end for the jaw that is treated.  
3. After the fitting of the brace, other follow up appointments may be during week days. 
4. The cost for the initial orthodontic treatment to correct the mal-alignment of the teeth needs to be paid in full at the visit when the brace is fitted.
5. This discount does not apply to complex cases.

Regular Offer on Short-Term Orthodontics (Braces)

  • Free consultation (worth £95.00) and free tooth whitening (worth £300.00) at the end of treatment.

  • Single Jaw treatment-  from £1700 (15% discount from the normal cost of £2000)

  • Upper and Lower Jaw treatment-  from £2500 (28% discount from the normal cost of £3500).

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